Monday, 29 October 2012

Look what I made!

Like the excellent student that I am, I'm busy typing up a chapter summary (one of half of this sentence is stretching the truth and I wouldn't lie to you about summarizing chapters...)

Academic excellence aside, when we got home today Max suggested we take a walk, which I LOVE doing. I would have been a good dog, aside from the whole 'medium to strong aversion to people' thing. In any case, we went for a meander, and along the way I picked up some leaves. And this is what happened to them! Can you say identity crisis?
A rose by any other name...
Since I need to throw myself back in the textbook, this is all you get. But isn't it cool??

The DIY I used is here, in case you want to replicate these awe inspiring results. Seriously though, I am as artistically inclined as your average cat is inclined to waltz in the rain, and this took me maybe 2 minutes. Kinda fun! 

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