Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I owe you all a post about Chicago, I know.

In the mean time I'm busy being a terrible writer.

It's important to write every day, they say. Well, I have to admit I actually feel guilty writing about nothing. Why should someone take any time out of their busy day to come purview my little chat to myself about nothing? I do enjoy the daily or weekly blurbs of a lot of bloggers, but then, most of them have something to say, to show. I? I have a mild obsession with getting some much needed furniture from IKEA and a middling level panic about homework and biting off more than I can chew.

I even have interesting thoughts- there was an engaging Presidential Debate, which I could tackle with glee; I could riff on how sad it is that Canadians get much more interested in American politics than our own, myself included most of the time; I could tell you about the movies I watched recently (Carrie, on a whim and because I felt it was time to introduce myself to some classic creepiness, and Argo, which was a wonderful movie for many reasons). I could tell you about the lab I joined today, entirely by chance, and what a chance! And I will tell you about that, later, because it is entirely possible that a well timed meeting today has changed the course of my entire future, and it’s not very often that one can pin point those changing moments while they're actually happening and it's interesting and exciting.

However, at the moment I am interested in my cold feet and hot chocolate, and how very much I have to do before this weekend, which is oh so rapidly approaching. And so I apologize for my blather- I wrestled for quite a while before deciding to post at all (Is it more important to write every day, as a manner of practice and self discipline, or to write about something one genuinely finds interesting, which suggests at least one person of the billions out there may find it interesting as well? In other words, is this blog a space for me, or a space intended for public use?). The thing is, if it's for me (which, judging by my decision today, it is) then why am I making it public? A blog, as an online diary, has very little mass appeal- and I am interested, hopefully and tentativey, in using blogging as a tool to enhance a career as a writer. In which case, I jepordize myself by choosing to make this public.

Yet I do. Because I have told myself that it's important to blog every day- write every day- and I've tried doing it in a diary for many years, and I simply don't. I can't find a pen, I think so much faster than I write, I never look at them again. I do look at these again. I care very much about these. And I type faster than I write.

So here I am. Probably making about as much noise on cyberspace as the eponymous unwatched tree does as it falls in the woods. Nevertheless, concerned.

If I do keep it up, and I do someday make it, I hope you can forgive me, world. At least you'll know why I did it.

It's because I'm trying!


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