Friday, 19 October 2012

I live in a land of nice people.

I am of course quite aware that as Canadians, we have that stereotype. But some days, people really go above and beyond in little ways which makes me just so grateful and rather proud to belong to a generally really great group of people.

Today, for example, I had to go to the cafeteria to get a fork. I have 9 hours of class today and nary a lunch break between them, so I have leftovers from home. But because I also have a brain which functions at best minimally until, oh, noon, I managed to forget this AM that I will require not only food but utensils, so long as I want to be allowed to eat in civilized company, at least. I'm pretty sure my class on Culture won't especially appreciate me scooping up pasta with my hands, beyond a few points for irony. And so. To the caf for forks I went.

However, there proved a kink in my plan. Forks are available for 11 cents a pop, and I wasn't especially keen on digging around for 11 cents, so I said 'nevermind then' and began planning a non offensive spearing pasta with a highlighter plan when the maintenance man offered to spot me the 11 cents. Rather than inconvenience him, the cafeteria offered to just spot me the fork. And so, in a very civilized way my civilized lunch was assured.

Admittedly, 11 cents isn't (to most) a very big deal. But the gesture, oh, that goes a lot farther than 11 cents, and I appreciate every penny.

I also live in a country where I've gotten free cupcakes, people regularly hold open doors, and on my campus you can't look at a map for more than 1 minute without someone practically running up and begging you to let them help you. Little things, a lot of the time, and to be sure we still have rude people. But a lot of the time, I live in a country where the people are deeply nice.

It's a deeply nice way to live.

If you're looking for a near daily dose of a little niceness (or in most cases, a whole lot of niceness), I do suggest taking a peek at this website. Some days it'll do more for your mood than that cup of coffee.

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