Thursday, 18 October 2012

Happy Thursday, folks.

Highlights of today: Job interview (I can have it, if I want it; ensue the 'what the fudge do I want to do with my life' crisis); lovely little internet videos (Like this one or this one); cold water from my decanter (primarily because I enjoy the word decanter and it makes me feel sophisticated to own own. It makes me feel significantly less sophisticated to confess this, but hey). Making apple dumplings again (the recipe here, it's a good one!!) and a walk in the sunshine with the one I love.

I need to clean the house in prep for the two lovely ladies moving in this weekend. How interesting to be the renter rather than the rentee. I must admit, the money side of it is a lot more fun this way- but then, the bills are significantly more complex on this side of the fence, too.

In other news, Max and I have started a joint account. Real adulthood approaching....

Tomorrow is a busy busy day. 9 hours of classes and a lab (the Social CHARM lab, more on that later) social, which I am tentatively looking forwards to. They seem like very interesting, good people and I felt comfortable among them instantly, which is ever so rare, for me. And a bit odd considering that one of them is currently a professor of mine.

Still feeling pretty scattered. But hey, I found the tea steeper! I also re-realized I'd lost one of my favourite pairs of pants, which is a tragedy. Minor, but tragic. At least I can stir and steep my tea, the better with which to drown my woes.

Hopefully later tonight my day will be topped off with a Disney movie and watching the JK Rowling interview on the Daily Show. I love me some Jon Stewart AND some JK Rowling, so this is a winning situation for me!

Here's hoping your days were filled with little good things, as well.

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